Mafeking Rover Park is the site of Amateur Repeater VK3RMP. While the Mafeking Repeater Project is still in progress, the repeater has limited operating efficiency and is simple in its current set up arrangements. A tower is in the process of being planned and installed on site, but until this is completed, the repeater currently operates on a small scale antenna set up.

The repeater can be reached through Highlands and as far as Yea with adequate power input, limiting use to those who are Standard or Advanced licensees when attempting to access any further than Highlands.

Band  Output Frequency  Input Frequency  Tone Activity Notes
 2m  147.275 mHz  147.875 mHz  91.5 kHz inactive  
2m IRLP 6776  147.275 mHz  147.875 mHz  91.5 kHz inactive Check status
 70cm  439.350 mHz  434.350 mHz  91.5 kHz inactive