WIA National News

The WIA National News is a 30 minute audio news service that is put together by the Wireless Institute of Australia and is broadcast across Australia on various repeaters. You can also download it as a podcast from the WIA Website.

VK3RMP 2m Repeater rebroadcasts the WIA National News every Sunday at 10am where you can tune in and listen to the broadcast.

You can also “callback” to let us know you were listening. Just after the broadcast, you will be asked to transmit and send your callsign. Simply hit your PTT on your radio, say your callsign and release the key. It will save that data and submit it to the WIA to help both the WIA and the VK3SCM team know how many people listen to the news!

More than 100,000 listeners of the service have been heard over the past year and it’s a great way to hear about new initiatives, world news, local news and the like about amateur radio!

During this time, the IRLP node is disabled unfortunately so you will be unable to make contacts or use the repeater for the period.

Please note that during JOTA Weekend that the WIA News will be rescheduled to 7pm on Sunday due to operational reasons to enable Scouts to make contacts.